Need support? Open a new ticket

We work with a ticketing system in order to follow up your requests properly. Creating a support ticket is the quickest way to be helped. Click on Open a new ticket or send an e-mail to 

Both ways ensure that a ticket is created that you can follow up via our helpdesk portal. 

Support hours

Our helpdesk is manned from (CET)

09:00 until 12:00 &  13:00 until 17:00

Do you have a support contract with guaranteed response times? Then these times are only enforceable if you report urgent problems by phone on 078 077 076 (international +32 11 96 04 11). If you want to check our policy on priorities, follow this link (password protected, request access)

Don't have a support contract? Then this support ticket is sufficient. Calling will delay the support. If you do call anyway, please keep in mind the costs mentioned in the General Terms and Conditions. If there are still one or more tickets lined up for you, we will first process those tickets before we start your ticket.

If you want to make sure you always get first place, it is useful to consider a support contract. For more information about this, email 

Take over computer

Sometimes it's easier for us to remotely take over your computer. To take over your computer, we use our remote support software. You can download and access it via the links below. If you give us your session number we can, after permission, take over your computer. 


Download for Windows
Download for Mac